The Day in The Life of :

Binghamton NY

I'm Grateful for :

My pop who loved me enough to leave me a place to live.

My car with 240,000 miles and still going strong.

My grant to return to school.

My Aunt even though we fight as lot.

My couple friends I have even though they are few they are loyal. The rest can piss off!

Just felt like saying what I'm grateful for....

I know I'm alive but not breathing...
Can you see me?
And you know how I tried. Please believe me
Can you hear me?

My eyes, my soul...the scars inside afflicted
On my own, by the world outside,
Where love lies starving on the ground

I know I'm alive but not breathing...
Can you touch me?
And you know how I tried. Please believe me!
Will you love me?

Damian I hope you have a great holiday in the city.
I wanted to wish you all the best, I think your so sweet.
Merry Christmas


Its The holidays Season....
I thought I would write down what I wanted for christmas and see if any of my wishes come true.

1 I want to latest Blackberry curve 8900.

2 I want a new watch.

3 I want a Ruby & Sons Jewelers Giftcard.

4 I want a Bestbuy giftcard.

5 I want the cotton Peacoat from Express.

6 I want Mary at work to fucking quit.

7 I want a Home Depot giftcard.

There thats enough, I don't want to sound greedy , hehe.


Jessie is coming over tonight, I hope he makes it sting.:)
I want his body!

H1N1 is attacking.....LOL
My work is completly nuts.
The lady im working with today is a complete asshole wacko.


Flu Flu Hell thats where I am...
I work in a hospital....its crazy here.
The whole world is sick or they think they are going to be .

Let me OUT

As the day passes I ponder a different life, one with way more money, a nice schedule and my own terms. I know this sounds like a fantasy but I am dertermined to make it reality.

Joe looks hot as ever today, Geri is being a cunt just like always. Jean she left, the only way to keep her sanity I'm sure.

I am saving 300 a month is my 401k while I can but its not growing fast enough.

I need Ron to love me, but he will fly off in to the sunset with out me im sure.

I would settle for an average cute kinda needy guy, that would love some one to fuss over him...but where the fuck do they hang out ?

I'm going to see a shrink, I want a smaller brain, that thinks less.

I guess I will go back to work for awhile here in GermVille!

This one EMT guy is hot, but the guy in the Carolina sweat shirt is so hot....those side burns make me jumpy..:)


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